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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Friends of Bartimaeus

Friends of Bartimaeus jamming

August, 2013 marked the one-year anniversary of the Friends of Bartimaeus Christian Outreach Center for the Blind, hosted by Calvary Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC. This photo was taken at the center’s very first meeting in 2012, as I accompanied Taylor Jones Stebbins, an amazing Lowcountry blind youth with a beautiful tenor voice. Pastor Ed of Calvary Lutheran couldn’t help but join in the praise with his guitar, and our friend and sighted volunteer Kevan-Ann Spangler brought her hand-clapping, toe-tapping percussion to this impromptu music ensemble.

The Friends of Bartimaeus Christian Outreach Center offers a monthly gathering for the blindness community to enjoy food, fun, fellowship and worship in an accessible, inclusive, non-threatening environment. After being served a delicious hot meal, guests participate openly in songs, prayers and times of sharing, including devotional time led by Pastor Ed. At the end of the meeting, people are given more time to socialize. Groceries are offered to attendees who have need of them, and mail-reading services are also available.

Congratulations to the people of Calvary Lutheran for all of their efforts which have made the Friends of Bartimaeus Christian Outreach such a tremendous success and such a blessing to the community. I was honored to be asked along with many from the Lowcountry’s blindness community, to assist in the beginning of this center. In cooperation with Lutheran Braille Workers, the organization responsible for 60-plus outreach centers of this kind across the United States, and Dixie Land Guide Dog Users, Inc., every blind individual attending the Friends of Bartimaeus has also received a talking Bible of his/her very own. God’s Light keeps shining!

Thank God and thank you for the ongoing prayers and support which make outreach efforts like this possible. Stay tuned for more posts like this one. Until next time, God bless you and keep His Song in your heart!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Celebrating Missions

Laurel Jean poses with women of Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Hanahan, SC

Here I am with a few of the United Methodist Women of Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Hanahan, SC. I was honored to present dinner music and a program for this group’s Christmas dinner.

After the program, I was invited to stay for the meeting of these truly mission-minded women. Many of the ladies took time to share their personal testimonies concerning the group’s outreach efforts, raising money for Water Missions International, feeding hungry families, providing clothes and personal items to people in need, promoting social and racial justice, and so much more! People said that they were blessed by the music, but I felt that I was the one blessed as I listened to one inspiring story after another.

By scheduling Music By Laurel Jean, and thru the purchase of CD’s, these dear sisters have helped to keep my ministry going and growing. From helping to provide talking Bibles for the blind and learning impaired, to the peer mentoring of “God’s outa-sight kids” of all ages and the promotion/support of Braille literacy, there is much to do. My thanks to the Aldersgate UMW’s for taking time to join with me in the mission that God has given me!

You, too, can join with me in helping to keep God's Light shining. Visit my Web site to learn more about bringing me to your church or community.


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God continues to bless me with a busy and fulfilling life. Even after thirty-plus years, my music and ministry keep going and growing. Blind from birth, I am n avid user of Braille and the long, white cane, in addition to a variety of mainstream and access technology. While my blindness does not define me, I consider it to be a unique gift from God. With this gift comes my opportunity to serve as an advocate on behalf of my fellow members of the Blindness community, living and serving among blind and sighted folks of all ages, on all walks of life. To learn more about my music, ministry and outreach, please visit my Web site, and be sure to stay tuned to my Blog!