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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

God's Love

Laurel and her American Labrador, Sonny

It has often been said that "having a baby changes everything." This time last year, I had no idea how much my life would be changed by a very special fur-baby who was about to be dropped into my life. In October, 2014, I had just said that I was not getting another dog "unless God just dropped one on my head." Of course, I love my Zettie and still miss her, but…Then the phone rang.

The lady from Florida sadly shared her story with Dixie Land Guide Dog Users. The puppy was just six months old. She had purchased him just after he had been weaned. She told us of her heart attack and her stroke which followed, rendering her unable to care for the puppy. He was getting more rambunctious by the day and she wanted him to have a good home, hopefully as a service dog.

It is hard to imagine that almost a year has passed since that day last November when "Gunner" (whose name has been changed to Sonny) came leaping and bounding into my life. No, this American Lab is not destined to be a conventional service dog. Still, he does have a very important job and that is to love "his mom"—you know—me.

Together, my Sonny and I have gone for many long walks and had many long talks, like "Don't eat the carpet," "No, we can't chase the neighbor's cat," etc. We've worked thru behavioral issues and health issues. Most important, we have learned to love each other.

As I write, the Lowcountry area is recovering from a flood of millennium proportions. An event such as this really goes a long way toward putting life into perspective. This past weekend, I sat safe and dry indoors listening to the seemingly perpetual rainfall outside as my Sonny slept curled up at my feet. During those long hours, the words once spoken to me by a dear friend were truly brought into perspective and made very real to me, "Life is precious. Everything else is just stuff." The following is a poem I wrote for Sonny. I would print it out and give it to him, but he would eat it. So, I will let it suffice to share these words with you.


God's love came in by leaps and bounds, giving no thought at all
To pretty things upon the shelves or pictures on the wall,
Paying no mind to things which seemed of importance to me.
By leaps and bounds, God's love became my heart's priority.

God's love darted from room to room, making my house a home,
Wrestling there with my broken heart, no time to be alone,
No time to think what might become of things from days gone by.
God's love would chase, by leaps and bounds, a teardrop from my eye.

God's love pleaded with me to set my Sunday best aside,
And as I donned my oldest clothes, my heart was filled with pride.
Forsaking all appearances to walk and romp and play.
By leaps and bounds, God's love has brought sweet Sonshine to my day!

Thanks for your prayers for both of us. Be sure to stay tuned for more posts like this one. Meanwhile, feel welcome to share how our wonderful God of surprises has blessed your own life.

Until next time, God bless  you and keep his Song in your heart.

© 2015 by Laurel Jean Walden

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