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Friday, February 5, 2016

New CD, Living That Story!

Living That Story CD cover

"…The  free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 6:23, World English Bible)

As I write, the earthly lights of Christmas are safely tucked away for another season. Our churches and our lives are wrapped in the garment of "Ordinary Time." Still, child of God that I am, I want to hear that story, just one more time! I want to live that story always! Don't you?

"Oh, won't you tell me one more time? It brings me so much joy
To hear of Mary, and of Joseph, and that Baby Boy…"*

One more time…won't you join me on this journey of joyful mysteries, to visit once again the people and places surrounding our Lord, Jesus Christ as He came into this world?

Wait with me in the temple courtyard with the crowds to greet a speechless Zacharias who has just been told by the angel Gabriel that he and his wife Elizabeth will be blessed in their old age with a son (John the Baptist.)

Let us reminisce together with Mary, the mother of Jesus, of the time when she, too, was visited by that angel Gabriel. We'll follow her as she hurries away to the hill country of Judea to the house of her cousin Elizabeth. Can you hear their emotional greetings and praises to God as they spend time together, preparing for that truly awesome work which God is doing in their lives, and ours?

Come with me to weep and pray with Mary as she is found to be with child after returning home. Witness her unwavering trust in God as she prays for Joseph and surrenders completely to God's Will.

Pause with me a while at the Bethlehem manger to praise and worship God for the gift of His only Son. We'll sit with the innkeeper as he beholds this wondrous Love of God, exclaiming, "The Child for Whom I had no room came to prepare a place for me!"*

Let us follow Mary and Joseph to the temple in Jerusalem as they present their firstborn son in accordance with the law of the Lord. Can you hear the tearful praises of Simeon and Anna as each takes their turn, gathering the Child Jesus into their arms and blessing Him for His journey?

Then we'll return with Mary and Joseph to the temple years later to find that the young boy Jesus, presumed to be lost, has been about His Father's business all along. Hear that gentle reminder for us to "take His hand. Let's make every day Christmas..."* a celebration of His Love, "…living that story He lives in you and me."*

"Living That Story" is available on CD thru my Web site. You can purchase online with PayPal, call me with your credit card order, or print my order form to purchase by mail using check/money order. If you buy any three items directly thru my Web site, shipping is free. Check it out and hear samples on my "Albums, Etcetera" Page.

The download version of this album can be purchased currently thru my  outstanding digital distributor CDBaby, here.

"Living That Story" will also soon be available on your favorite download and streaming sites such as iTunes and Amazon. Just do an artist search for "Laurel Jean" to bring up my music. Currently, two singles "Whatever" and "The Blessing of Your Love," as well as my "Journey Home" collection are available on these sites. If you purchase and like what you hear, please take time to write a review and use the sharing features on these sites to tell your friends. That really means a lot!

Who from the Scriptures would you like to speak with? Of course, we look forward to seeing Jesus, but who else do you look forward to meeting face to face, and what would you like to ask them? Feel welcome to share your comments below.

Stay tuned for more posts like this one. Until next time, thank you for your ongoing prayer support! God bless you, and keep His Song in your heart!

*Lyrics from "Living That Story," © 2016 by Laurel Jean Walden.

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